Friday, August 27, 2010

Why 21 Passenger MFAVs Are Superior to 15 Passenger Vans for Transporting Students

There's no question that 21 passenger Multi Function Activity Vehicles are superior to 15 passenger vans when it comes to child safety and protection features. That's why the province of New Brunswick wisely banned 15 passenger vans and switched to MFAVs after the tragedy that killed our sons on January 12, 2008.

We don't often get a chance to see these features laid out for us in graphic detail AND in an easy-to-understand language that doesn't require an engineering degree. Girardin Minibus, Goshen and Eldorado manufacture 21 passenger MFAVs and have developed promotional brochures that outline the safety and protection features found on their 21 passenger MFAVs.

We thought we'd share these promotional brochures with the public so they can see for themselves why 21 passenger MFAVs are the only alternative for student extra-curricular transportation.

Click on the links below to bring up the brochure.

Girardin Minibus

Girardin Minibus Brochure Page 1 in PDF format

Girardin Minibus Brochure Page 2 in PDF format


Click here to download Goshen brochure in PDF format


Click to download Eldorado brochure in PDF format.