Thursday, July 4, 2013

CCMTA FAQ on 15 Passenger Vans

As the CCMTA's FAQ of 15-Passenger Vans is NOT posted on the Transport Canada website, Van Angels is making it available for you to read via the CCMTA website. 

This is important because one of the CCMTA's recommendations is to educate the public about its own 15-passenger van safety review. Both Transport Canada and the provinces agreed that it was important a national approach be taken to educating the public on 15-passenger vans. The CCMTA's evaluation resulted in recommendations and guidelines for this national approach but all they did was post it on their websiteThere has been no attempt to disseminate the information that we are aware of. 

We believe that all the recommendations, faqs and guidelines should be made easily available to everyone. So WE are doing THEIR job for them.

LACK OF PUBLIC AWARENESS, the failure of public officials to adhere to the laws, rules and regulations and no official accountability IS WHAT KILLED OUR CHILDREN. 

That is why we have been forced to become educator, advocate and watchdog.

Click here to read the full FAQ from the CCMTA click on the following link to go to their website

 Evaluation of 15-Passenger Vans


Why did the report get commissioned?

In 2007 and 2008, fatal collisions involving 15-passenger vans led to increased public awareness of the use of these vehicles to transport passengers and of their potential safety issues.

In 2010, CCMTA was directed by the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety to address concerns relating to the regulation and use of 15-passenger vans in provinces and territories.

Specifically, CCMTA was to lead a review of 15-passenger van safety and develop a national approach on the use of 15-passenger vans, especially when used to transport pupils.

What was done and who participated?

CCMTA is a membership based organization with members from all Canadian government  (Provincial/Federal/Territorial). 

To read the full FAQ from the CCMTA click on the following link to go to their website.