Monday, December 15, 2008

Isabelle Calls The Politicians (Part One)

As promised, on Monday December 15, 2008 I started at 9:50 am with my first call to Premier Shawn Graham at his office 506-453-2144. The receptionist answered the phone and I gave my name, explained who I was and the reason I was calling. I told her that I was asking for a Coroner’s Inquest into the Bathurst Tragedy and I asked to speak to the Premier. I was told that the Premier usually doesn’t accept phone calls from the public but I was given his email address I told the receptionist that I would appreciate a phone call back. She was very polite and said she would forward my message. I left my cell phone number and my telephone number. I thanked the receptionist and closed by saying that a phone call back would be very much appreciated.

My second phone call was to Minister of Public Safety John Foran at 9:59. I spoke to the receptionist and I told her who I was, that I am advocating for a Coroner’s Inquest and that I have a question for John Foran. She told me that Minister Foran was in a meeting, so I left a message for him to call my cell phone. The receptionist was very nice on the phone and said she was sorry to hear about what happened. I thanked her.

At 11:55 am Minster Foran returned my call. He was very polite and understanding of our concerns for a Coroner’ Inquest. He said he had no reason to doubt Greg Forestell. He said a decision will come around sooner than later, that Greg Forestell knows our views as they are very well publicized. I told him that we have written a letter to Greg Forestell and are sending out petitions every week to the Premier, to Mr. Forestell and to our local coroner in Bathurst. Mr. Foran said he couldn’t give me a date when a decision will be made because Greg Forestell hasn't given him a decision. The last he heard was a matter of weeks and that was last week, he said. He also said he doesn't know what decision Greg Forestell will come to, so I said that if Greg Forestell rules out an inquest then it's time Mr. Foran asks, "Why?" Minister Foran said to be patient and that the right decision will be made soon.

My third phone call at 10:05 am was to Kelly Lamrock, Minister of Education. The receptionist said Mr. Lamrock was out of town and would be back late this afternoon, so I left a message to call my cell phone.

My fourth phone call was to Denis Landry, Minister of Transport. His secretary returned my call.

My fifth phone call was to Thomas J Burke, Minister of Justice at 10:15 am. The secretary said she will ask if he could take the time to return my phone call. The secretary said it was a constituency day and the Minister is out of the office. The secretary said she would ask if he could take the time to return my phone call. I left my phone number.

My last phone call was to Brian Kenny our MLA at 10:30 am. I spoke to Linda Melanson from the constituency office. she said she would pass on my message to Mr. Kenny.

It is now 1:50 pm in the afternoon and I received one call back. Thank You Minister John Foran, Minister of Public Safety for your time to speak to me.

Isabelle Hains.

Come back for Part Two later....