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Transport Canada Collision Investigation Report

Click here to view Collision Investigation Report [PDF Format]

Transport Canada Collision Investigation Report

New Brunswick Department of Education Policies, Guidelines and Rules

Click Here to Download Guideline 512 in PDF Format from Department of Education Website

    Guideline 512
  • Section 2.0
    This guideline applies in conjunction with, or in addition to, any other transportation –related policies, guidelines and regulations already in place.

  • Section 4.22
    Care should be taken to ensure that tires are the proper size for the vehicles. Tires should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good condition. The use of snow tires during winter months is recommended.

Click Here to Download Entire Guideline 513 in PDF Format from NB Department of Education Website

    Guideline 513
  • Section 4.1
    a school principal should not permit student to be transported to off site school- related activity unless the requirements of guidelines 513 are met.

  • Section 4.2 b)
    for extra-curricular activities give preferential consideration to the use of school bus for such conveyance.

  • Section 4.2 c)
    not authorize overnight conveyance (i.e travel through the night) to and from an off-site school related activity.

  • Section 4.5 (c)
    All requirement and restrictions established under the motor vehicle act in relation to the operation of the commercial vehicles are followed. These rules apply to the hours of service for drivers, commercial log books and out of province trip permits (see Appendix A for a description of the specific requirements and restrictions) Drivers, Hours of On-Duty Time. Page 7

  • Section 4.19
    Groups travelling out of town should be prepared to stay overnight if weather or road conditions present a hazard.

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New Brunswick Regulations 83-185 under the Motor Vehicle Act regarding Maintenance and Operation of Vehicles

Click here to download PDF of DOT Regulations

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Coroner's Act

Click here to view PDF of New Brunswick Coroner's Act

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