Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do You Have A Story To Tell About Schools Violating the Weather Policy and Travel Regulations?

After we launched this blog / website in December we received numerous phone calls and emails from New Brunswick parents who shared with us some of their horror stories of driving to sports events in treacherous weather.

In fact, two days before our press conference in Fredericton on December 12, there was an incident in Fredericton where the two different English high schools, Leo Hayes and Fredericton High, took two completely different approaches to driving to a sports meet in Miramichi in bad weather. One school went, the other stayed behind until the weather cleared. Both principals said they were following the guidelines. (Click here to read our previous post on this issue "It's Reasons Like This That Make Us Want A Coroners Inquest December 16, 2008.)

The Department of Education tried to diminish parents' complaints and in the end, nothing was done.

If you have a story about your children driving to sports events in bad weather we want to hear about it. We want to show that this is happening a lot more than New Brunswickers believe. We promise you anonymity and will not reveal your name or the place where it happened upon request. Contact us by email at