Friday, February 13, 2009

"An Experience I'll Never Forget" Debbie Harquail Speaks Out on Her Sister Leona's Coroners Inquest

"Just because we're not a doctor or a lawyer or a politician we are still educated people and we do have common sense and are capable of making a sane decision of knowing when someone needs help...So hopefully they will listen to people and maybe this will save lives."

Debbie Harquail, in an interview with CBC during her sister's Inquest in April 2008. [Click here to read more about Leona Harquail's Inquest]

Debbie Harquail wrote us this letter of support and explained what happened at her sister Leona Harquail's Inquest last April. Debbie could not afford a lawyer and had no representation. She felt her questions about what happened the night her sister died were not answered and the jury's recommendations to prevent a similar death from occuring have not been implemented. This is precisely what we are afraid is going to happen at our sons' Inquest - Ana and Isabelle

I am Leona Harquail's sister Debbie and I stand with you 100% in your battle.

I am so sorry for the loss of your children because of inadequite political leaders with human capacity to do unto others as they would have others do unto them. It is all so simple, really if we adhere to basic laws of self respect and respect for others there would be no need for parents to fight Government in regard to safety for our loved ones.

The Coroner's Act must be ammended to allow the Family to get all their answers met. The Coroner's Inquest in April 2008 for Leona Harquail took me two years of lobbying the Chief Coroner Dianne Kelly and Minister Foran to get.

The Public Inquest was one I will never forget. The experience left me feeling like, first the Public Servants that our tax dollars pay for such as police, doctors, emergency departments, detox and ambulance services failed Leona Harquail by choices made when they had absolute power to make better decisions that could have saved her life, and then the Public Inquest that I fought so hard to get was used by the Presiding Chief Coroner, and the two Crown Prosecutors to rub it into my face by leading the witnesses in the testimonies and by influencing how the Jury should make their decisons. I had no lawyer. Could not even afford one actually.

But still try as they might to cover up the facts that proved neglegice the Jury was wize enough to see much through it and came up with nine reccommendations, none of which have been put into effect yet that will directly benefit, aboriginal woman who are homeless and suffering from mental illness and addictions.

My sister Leona never had a chance to participate is school sport and to be part of our NB Education System's extracurricular activites. When I look at the photgraphs of your sons and the young men who died in this dreadful van accident, I think just look at how self assured and happy they looked, solid and capable and ready to go, so full of life and vitality! I think such activities are vital to physical wellness and to the development of mental wellness. But if the Education System does not take measures of prevention to treat our children, all children with dignity and respect then how can they say they truly care about our children? If school can be cancelled because of bad weather, why can't sport be cancelled? It is as much a safety issue that left me upset many times when my son went to hockey games when weather was dreadful and school had been cancelled! It is beyond me how anyone can think that sport is more important than education!

A game should not have to be forfeit because of bad weather either! All it takes is a decision, a choice that cost too many lives too soon!

I pray that GOD will sustain you through this battle to make a wrong, right! My heart is with you and so is my spirit of Motherhood. A Mother will go through fire for her children, I support you to help you save the lives of all our children and grandchildren.

In closing...a wize man once said "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" ...Amen

if you go to this link pasted below it will take you to the homepage of NB Wellness, Culture and Sport...just some food for thought...