Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fee Chart for Motor Vehicle Branch, Dept. of Public Safety

On Friday, Charles O'Donnel, Registrar of the Motor Vehicle Branch, spoke about a "Fee Chart" which inspection stations use when deciding what to charge a client for a Motor Vehicle Inspection. You can click on the image below to bring up the Fee Chart on the website.Vehicle Inspection Information Title of columns on page
The Fee Chart is a 8 X 14 page photocopied page which lists eleven types of vehicles, the cost associated with a Motor Vehicle Inspection, how often it is supposed to be inspected (annual or semi-annual) and the type of sticker it would get after it passes inspection.

We scanned the 8 X 14 page and you can VIEW it HERE.

For a PRINT version, CLICK HERE.

Mr. O'Donnel was asked what type of an inspection the van should have received and he said #7.

Below is an image of what #7 looks like. It clearly states the van is supposed to get a semi-annual inspection, which it never did for nearly ten years. You can click on the image to bring up the full page.
Class 7 Vehicle Inspection Information Sheet Motor Vehicle Branch, New Brunswick Department of Transportation