Friday, May 15, 2009

Frequently Heard Phrases During the Coroners Inquest into the Death Of Our Sons

What ever it takes.

I forget.

I don't remember.

I cannot recall

Honestly, I'm not trying to pass the buck.

It's not my job.

It's not my responsibility.

It's not my Department.

You have to talk to my supervisor about that.

I have to defer to (fill in name).

You have to talk to Mr. McKay about that.

I just trust that it's inspected.

I can't clarify that.

I'd have to check my notes.

I didn't know.

I never saw those Guidelines.

I never saw them before.

I knew about the Guidelines, but they were just recommendations.

They were just Guidelines.

They were not policy.

I never read the guidelines.

It's a gray area.

We always paid our bills.

Money was not an issue.

Money was always an issue.

It's too expensive.

It was cheaper to change the registration.

I was astonished by the amount of money that was being spent on repairs.

Our motto is if it has to be done, we get it done.

We were going to replace the van.

I knew about the weather.

I didn't know about the weather.

He didn't ask me.

It's your decision.

He didn't tell me.

He didn't ask me.

I didn't know about that.

I've never taken a defensive drivers training course.

I got my Class 4 license in about an hour.

I don't remember when I got my Class 4 license.

The roads were bad.

The roads weren't bad.

It's a 15 passenger van.

It's a bus.

It's a school vehicle.

It's not a school vehicle.

It's a commercial vehicle.

It's not a commercial vehicle.

It's a passenger vehicle.

It's not a passenger vehicle.


These people should be ashamed of themselves. To think that we entrusted our children to their responsiblity. They betrayed our children.