Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's being said on the web about the use of Winter Tires

We did some research on the internet in mid to late October and early November 2009 just so we could get an idea of what's being said about the use of winter tires by government, industry and in the tire trade magazines. There are thousands of websites about winter tires and we had to whittle it down to the best ones.

What follows are some interesting links about the use of winter tires and road safety. Ironically, the Department of Public Safety of the province of New Brunswick has its very own section on Winter Driving Tips and what does it say about the use of Winter tires?

Government of New Brunswick Winter Driving Tips

Install four snow tires – don't depend on all-season tires. This will help maintain control and stability of your vehicle in slippery conditions. Make sure they are properly inflated, tire pressure decreases as temperatures drop and under inflation reduces grip. In New Brunswick, you are allowed to have studded tires between October 15 and May 1.

Toronto Star: All-seasons can't cut it in snow
That's the official word as federal, industry and consumer groups prove their declaration that winter tires are better

OTTAWA–It's a simple task, but even on a film set things don't always go according to plan. The drivers were supposed to accelerate in unison, hit their marks and simulate a side-by-side panic stop. Time and time again, one driver wouldn't be able to accelerate properly. Then under braking, he'd slide, frequently knocking a set extra square in the chest.

CBC's Marketplace: Get a Grip

If you’re like most people in this country, you don’t have winter tires on your car right now. You bought “all-season” tires, and you figured all-season meant spring, summer, fall and winter, and so now you drive on the same set whether it’s plus-thirty or minus-fifteen.

Rubber Tire Association: Winter Tires Matter for You and Your Precious Cargo

The following list provides the model names of RAC Member tire brands only tires that are dedicated and marketed for winter use only. This list was last updated on September 28, 2009.

Transport Canada: Winter Driving

Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada advise motorists to think about safe driving in winter. Vehicle handling will be improved when tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index are installed on all four wheels. View a new demonstration video showcasing the benefits of using four winter tires of the same type, size, speed rating and load index by visiting

Tire Tech Information/General Tire Information

Selecting the right tires for your vehicle is an important decision. Your safety, as well as driving enjoyment over the next years and thousands of miles will be determined by this decision. The information provided here and the advice/recommendations from the experts at the Tire Rack will ensure you select tires that match your vehicle...and the way you drive it!

Toronto Star: 2009 winter tire guide

Wheels' tire expert John Mahler gives his top picks for the current crop of winter tires and tells you where you can get your tires changed over and stored!

Be Tire Smart: "Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART" is a national public education campaign designed to encourage Canadian motorists to adopt good tire maintenance practices.

Many tires offer winter performance. Which ones are right for you?

General Motors: Goodwrench Tire Basics

Types of Tires: Like vehicles, not all tires are built the same. Depending upon what you drive and when, tires are designed specifically to respond to weather, vehicle size and vehicle function. This aside, one of the best ways to select a tire for your vehicle is to understand tire specification markings — where to find them and what they mean

Fountain Tires: Winter Tires 101 - Winter Tire Help

Below we have outlined some of the most common winter tire questions we receive. If you would like additional winter tire information please contact your local Fountain Tire. Transport Canada, the Autmobile Protection Agency and the Rubber Association of Canada have recently produced a series of videos that demonstrate the benefits of winter tires for winter driving. Click here to see the videos.