Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why We Do What We Do, and Why We'll Never Stop

We've heard some people question the reason why we continue to raise the issue of our sons' deaths two years ago this January 12.

Our sons Javier, Nikki and Daniel and all the other Boys in Red are the reason why we will continue to fight for road safety. We don't want another family to go what we have gone through in the last two years.

We will never stop until we know that the vehicles transporting school children to extra curricular events are as safe as they can possibly be.

If it means that we have to fight the Province of New Brunswick, all the way from the Premier Shawn Graham, to the Minister of Education Roland Hache, the Minister of Transportation Denis Landry and the Minister of Public Safety, John Foran, the District 15 Superintendent John McLaughlin and the Principal of Bathurst High School as well as all the other adminstrators and bureaucrats in the Departments of Transportation and Education, than so be it.

We will not rest until our boys can Rest in Peace. They may be GONE, but they WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN and their deaths will not have been in vain.