Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tire Tests in Michigan on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Monday afternoon we leave for Sault St. Marie, Michigan, where Continental Tires will conduct scientific tests on winter tires for 21 passenger MFAVs on Wednesday, February 24. Keep an eye on this blog because we'll be updating it with videos and reports from the site.

Also expected at the test facility will be representatives from Transport Canada and the Rubber Tire Association of Canada.

This trip has been nearly three months in planning and there have been many obstacles along the way but with the support and cooperation of many good hearted people, especially John Mahler of the Toronto Star's, we have managed to pull it all together.

We should know the preliminary results of the scientific testing by late Wednesday. We are willing to accept the results even if it shows that mixed tires are best for these type of vehicles. What we cannot accept is the status quo, with school children being transported to extra curricular activities in vehicles with untested tires. We only hope that New Brunswick's Minister of Education, Roland Hache, and the Minister of Transportation, Denis Landry, will also accept the test results, since that is what they promised in October when we first raised the issue of mixed tires on school vehicles.

Many thanks are due to our supporters who helped us to get this far:

Continental Tires, Michigan, USA - For free scientific testing at its Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan testing facility

Girardin Minibus, Quebec - for the loan of a 21 passenger Multi Function Activity Vehicle, Quebec

John Mahler, Toronto Star, - Technical advice

Loblaws - For financial assistance in transporting the Girardin MFAV from Toronto to Michigan and back

Bathurst Airport Authority - for three free passes from Bathurst to Sault St. Marie Ontario

Anonymous supporter - for financial assistance towards transportation and accommodations