Thursday, March 25, 2010

Premier Shawn Graham Says in NB Legislature that he "Stood By" Bathurst Families

We were informed today that Shawn Graham, the Premier of New Brunswick, got up in the Legislature and said that he "stood by" the Bathurst families of the boys who were killed in the tragedy of January 12, 2008.

He "stood by" all right. He "stood by" and did nothing.

Whatever prompted him to say that he "stood by" the Bathurst families is beyond our knowledge, because he has never "stood by" us. The only thing we ever got from the Premier of NB and his Ministers of Transportation, Education and Public Safety is deny, defend, delay, and deflect.

One time, we phoned his office and were told that the Premier "doesn't just talk to anyone you know." So much for "standing by" us then. He couldn't even take time out for a call. I guess we're not important enough but when he wants to score political points in the legislature our sons are suddenly important to him.

If Premier Graham really "stood by" we families, why does he refuse to implement the last two recommendations of the Coroners Inquest into the the death of our sons, especially the one that says Class 2 Drivers should be behind the wheel of 21 passenger Multi Function Activity Vehicles used by the Department of Education to transport children to extra curricular activities.?

If he really "stood by" we families, why has our Premier never responded to a single letter we have written to him in the past year and a half since we started asking questions about the Coroners Inquest and recently, the use of mixed tires on 21 passenger MFAVs.

Until he implements the last two recommendations of the Coroners Inquest, all his words mean nothing and are just add another insult to a long list of insults we've had to put up with under the leadership of Shawn Graham.