Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CBC: N.B. bus company faces charges in N.S.

CBC logoThe Sackville, N.B., charter company whose buses were pulled off the road while transporting school students in Nova Scotia last week, is now facing charges.

Prestige Bus Lines was taking 60 students from Marshview Middle School to Halifax when inspectors at a check stop determined the bus tires were too worn.

Public Safety Robert Trevors referred to the charges during question period on Tuesday in the legislative assembly.

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"The Department of Public Safety is investigating this matter as we speak," Trevors said.

Prestige Charter Bus tires"This company has been charged in Nova Scotia courts, so we will not comment until we have had a full investigation done by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety regarding this legal matter."

The field trip hit delays when one of the buses was pulled over in Halifax at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The second chartered bus was pulled off the road hours later at an Irving Big Stop store in Enfield, where it took four hours to change the tires.

Last Friday, Education Minister Jody Carr said Prestige would be temporarily banned from carrying New Brunswick students.

Carr said he wants to know why children were placed in a dangerous situation.

He also wants to know more about the company's track record.

Bus drivers in New Brunswick are obligated to inspect the bus they'll be driving before leaving on trips.

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