Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MAX 104.9: Auditor General Asked to Review Tax Credit for 'The Phantoms'

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Three mothers of the Boys in Red have asked the province's auditor general to investigate the granting of a $250,000 film tax credit to the makers of a proposed movie centered on the aftermath of the tragedy.

Isabelle Hains, Ana Acevedo and Marcella Kelly made the request yesterday in an email to auditor general Kim MacPherson.

Dream Street Pictures of Fredericton and CBC Television are planning a movie on the true story of how the BHS Phantoms were able to win a provincial basketball title a year after the crash.

The mothers, who lost their sons, say in the email that they believe the tax credit was given without consideration to the sensitivities of the parents and that it is just to soon to make the movie.

Since that fateful January night, the mothers have pressed for provincial and national changes in the rules governing student travel, including the kinds of vehicles and tires used on vans, and they have taken a firm stance in opposition to the proposed movie tentatively titled 'the Phantoms.'

Hains and Acevedo recently filed a complaint with the provincial ombudsman.
They're hoping to reverse a decision by school officials to allow filming of parts of the movie at the high school.

Acting ombudsman Francois Levert has agreed to look into the complaint and determine whether his office has jurisdiction to make any recommendations.

That could take several months.