Thursday, August 11, 2011

Northern Light: Superintendent Says He Took His Time "to make decision" - do you call 8 days taking your time? Consultation sloppy and unprofessional

District 15 Superintendent is quoted as saying he took his time to make the decision to allow Dream Street Pictures to film "The Phantoms" on Bathurst High School property.

But we know for a fact that not all parents were consulted and those were called by one of McLaughlin's subordinates, Darren Oakes, were asked two questions: 1) Why are you against this movie and 2) Why are you against the film being shot at Bathurst High School?

The so called consultation was a farce, was sloppy and unprofessional. More than two weeks since we first heard about this film on July 22, we still have not been contacted by anyone at Dream Street Pictures, least of all Tim Hogan who claims to be from Bathurst but who grew up in British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada. He is a nobody in Bathurst. Nobody knows who he is and he certainly didn't attend Bathurst High School but he sure wants to film there so that his film will look good.

We are asking the Premier to reverse John McLaughlin's decision to allow Dream Street Pictures to film this movie in Bathurst or anywhere in New Brunswick at any time and any place.