Friday, August 5, 2011

Right to Information Request About Dream Street Pictures

August 5, 2011

Hon. Trevor Holder, Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport
Hon. Jody Carr, Minister of Education
Place 2000
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1

Via email:
Via email:

Original sent under separate cover

Hon. Mr. Holder and Carr:

Re: Right to Information request

We are writing under the Right to Information Act to request any and all information pertaining to negotiations between the former NB Film and Dream Street Pictures and the Department of Education over the film “The Phantoms” which we understand has received $250,000 in financial support in the form of a tax credit.

We are particularly interested in whether NB Film gave any consideration to the feelings of the victims' families of the Boys in Red tragedy and whether NB Film , Dream Street Pictures or the Department of Education was concerned there would be an outcry from the parents who may object to the film. We want to know the content of those discussions and expect a full report under the Right to Information Act.

We want to know when the Department of Education, in particular, John McLaughlin, District 15 Superintendent, became involved in the negotiations with Dream Street Pictures to use the facilities of Bathurst High School; we want to know if there was any discussion about Dream Street Pictures or the Department of Education or any other Department that had to deal with this film, about contacting the victims' parents.

We also want to know if any Department will profit from this film in terms of facility rentals, school bus rentals, Multi Function Activity Buses rentals etc..

We are also wondering if the script mentioned a requirement for actors to play the roles of any of the major characters in the film who are employed by government, including John McLaughlin, District 15 Superintendent and former Bathurst High School principal Coleen Ramsay (retired) , George Willet (retired) and any other present or former government employee.

Furthermore, we want to know whether the script calls for the inclusion of the Boys in Red monument behind the High School and the second monument which is currently under construction in Bathurst next to the High School. We also want to know whether the script calls for footage of the crash scene off Highway 8.
Finally, we would like to know when the consultation with parents over the Dream Street Pictures began, who was consulted in the community by the Department of Education, and who made the final decision to go ahead with allowing Bathurst High School and District 15 facilities to be used as a prop in this film.

Yours sincerely,

Isabelle Hains and Ana Acevedo