Thursday, October 13, 2011

Documents from the Right to Information Request of August 5, 2011 from Department of Education

District 15 Superintendent John McLaughlin has not denied that there will be an actor playing his role in the upcoming film about the Boys in Red Tragedy that is being shot in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

We're showing you the documents in the Right to Information request of August 5, 2011 so you can get a feel for the arrogance of these people who think they can project their own version of reality onto the silver screen and forget what really happened to the Boys in Red on January 12, 2008.

If they have it their way, the only thing people will remember is this piece of fluff movie that whitewashes the truth about why our boys were killed and the complicity of the Department of Education, including the District 15 Superintendent, John McLaughlin - who we hear has an actor playing his role in the movie!

He certainly hasn't denied it, so we can only assume it is true. Is it? Only Dream Street and John McLaughlin know for sure - and a whole bunch of other people who have read the script - except, of course, the families of the children who were killed that horrible night.

Let us get this straight: the person who is making all the decisions about whether the movie can be shot at Bathurst High School has a role in the movie. Unbelievable. If that isn't a conflict of interest, we don't know what is!!