Monday, January 9, 2012

Chronice Herald: Boys Moms protest shuttle plan

BATHURST, N.B. (CP) — Two New Brunswick mothers whose sons were killed in a 15-passenger van crash four years ago are objecting a shuttle line’s application to use that type of vehicle to transport university students.

Isabelle Hains is denouncing an application by the P.E.I.-based Advanced Shuttle Services Ltd. for a permit to use the van, which is banned for student use in the province.

Hains, whose 17-year-old son Daniel was killed in the Bathurst crash, says it is "incredible" the company would even consider using the vans.

Hains and Ana Acevedo, whose son Javier, 17, was also killed, have sent a lengthy letter to the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board outlining their concerns.

The mothers cite other examples of fatal 15-passenger van crashes and say the vehicle was designed to haul freight and not people.