Sunday, October 28, 2012

15 Passenger Van Had 17 Passengers! Police release initial report in deadly daycare van crash News, Weather   Posted: Oct 17, 2012 7:40 PM ADTUpdated: Oct 24, 2012 10:00 PM ADT 
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The long awaited police report into what happened when a daycare van crashed killing one adult and injuring several children has the victim's families disappointed.
Tiffany Belk, 31, died and at least 13 children were injured when the Heavenly Angels Daycare van ran into a tree on Algonquin parkway back in June.
The police report only indicates speed and a blown tire as factors in the crash, but not what was wrong with the tire or if anyone will be charged. The parents of the kids who were injured and their attorneys say it's been long enough for them to have an answer about who is responsible for injuring their children.
The memory of what happened four months after a 15 passenger van carrying 17 crashed into a large Oak on Algonquin Parkway is still haunting the children who were inside.
"I have children who have medical bills that are mounting constantly that were seriously injured that have nightmares every night," said attorney Kirsten Daniel who represents three of the kids from Heavenly Angels Daycare.
The initial police report which indicated the driver was going at least 13 to15 miles over the speed limit and a tire did blow out due to a gash, but aren't saying where that gash came from.
"It's a part of the accident," said LMPD Traffic Commander Lt. Joe Seelye. "Whether it was a manufactured defect or maintenance defect we will have to wait until what the Commonwealth's attorney would like to release on that."
Police said they have talked with everyone from witnesses to the Cabinet of Child and Family Services who already released their lengthy investigation in Heavenly Angels Daycare and it's now bankrupt owner Lavonia Lewars, but cannot determine if charges will be filed until they have all their information,  like results from a drug test on the driver.
When that is done, Daniel says someone needs to be held accountable. "I know the mom of these kids that I represent want to make sure the message gets out that we as a community won't stand for it and don't want to see that this ever happens again."
Lt. Seelye said it could be two more months before the investigation is complete. He said it will be up to the Commonwealth's Attorney to decide if anyone will be charged.