Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MAX 104.9 FM: Review of "Driven" by Jeff Long

Driven is a new book written by Halifax based freelance writer Richard Foot. Normally that wouldn't be much of an opening statement but considering the subject involves the Bathurst Boys In Red tragedy & it's crusade for change- then it may just be something that will interest quite a few in our community. The book ( published by Goose Lane Editions) tells the tragic story of that terrible night in Jan 2008- it's aftermath & fallout from the tragedy.

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The main focus is on two mothers Isabelle Hains & Ana Acevedo & their efforts to bring accountibilty for their deceased sons Daniel & Javier along with the other 5 boys from the BHS Phantoms basketball team Justin Cormier, Nathan Cleland, Nick Quinn, Codey Branch & Nick Kelly whose mother Marcella would later join Isabelle & Ana in their fight for justice with the provincial government.

The book is direct & hard hitting & no doubt will ruffle a few feathers in town. It deals mainly with the highs & lows the mother's experienced in their efforts to ban 15 passenger seat vans, making sure all tires on transport vehicles are winter & along the way dealing with lots & lots of red tape from all levels of government & school officials. It is almost mind boggling what these women went through to get their message heard to the appropriate officials- and even though they didn't succeed in everything they wanted- there is no denying the amount of change they have brought forth for the better.

As the book's author Foot points out everyone grieves in different ways- some of the boys parents chose not to get invlolved with the other mothers in their crusade but that doesn't mean they were not & are still not hurting. And just the same Isabelle, Ana & Marcella had every right to question a system that was clearly flawed on so many levels. A system that failed their sons & a coaches wife.

And their heroic efforts continue to this day- in the name of their much loved sons.

'Driven- How The Bathurst Tragedy Ignited A Crusade For Change' goes on sale October 22nd.