Saturday, February 1, 2014

Van Angels: School Buses Safest Mode of Transportation For Students

The yellow school bus on the left was hit by a truck near Calgary on October 25, 2013. All the children survived. The 15 passenger van on the right was hit by a truck on January 12, 2008. Eight passengers, including 7 members of the  Bathurst High School Phantoms basketball team and the coach's wife were killed. When it comes to survivability, children are more likely to survive a collision in a yellow school bus than in a 15 passenger van. Which vehicle would you like your children to be in?

Both Transport Canada and the provincial/territorial jurisdictions agree that the safest mode of transport for students is the yellow school bus because it is built to higher safety standards.

Our Van Angels group agrees.

To date, many students across Canada are still being transported in 15-passenger vans for extra-curricular sports and activities. Does it make sense that your child is more valuable during school hours than after school? Which vehicle do you want your precious child to be riding in when and if an accident happens?

Recent school bus incidents here in Canada show that the higher safety standards of these vehicles played a major role in protecting students and saving lives.

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