Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi....I am a singer/songwriter and a mother as well! Last year when I heard of the tragic news in Bathurst...I was terribly sad and it was very close to my heart being a mother of children in that age group. I went to bed that night and for some reason it was bothering me a lot. I woke up that morning with a tune in my head....words even...and I rushed to the piano to capture the haunting melody and to write the words about the red roses. I felt it was special somehow and so I worked on it until all the words were out. I recorded this song as a rough demo on just piano and a bit of guitar .... it's very spare and simple but I wanted to share it with you . I think you might like it...and if you want it you can have it as a gift.... I have it posted on my myspace site (my artist site) so you can hear it there - if you have a computer its easy to link. As well I can send it to you on a CD if you would like it enough.

The song link is:

The song is in my profile page as the first track - "Red Roses in the Snow"

I want to rerecord it and do a more orchestrated version of it in the future...but that is what it is right now. I've held on to the song all year...not knowing how to contact you and I've seen that you're still fighting to get some legislation changed regarding the accident.
My heart goes out to you and I just feel that maybe this song might mean something to you. Maybe you can use it? I dont know..I just felt that when it came to came from somewhere else and I always felt it was a special song ...its not often that a song comes like I thought I have to get it to you somehow.

Please if you have any questions, feel free to email me back...I'm in Kingston, ONtario....quite a bit aways but, I'm pretty easy to reach and check myemails every day.

I also tried to download your petition but for some reason was having trouble with the PDF download...I'll try again and want to sign it and have some of my friends and family sign it too.

You are in my thoughts and prayers....

God bless you and keep you
Love and hugs