Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meeting with Conservative Caucus to discuss Coroners Act and Education policies, guidelines on Tuesday February 25

On Tuesday afternoon, February 25, Ana and I met with members of the Conservative Caucus and made a presentation outlining our concerns about the Coroners Act. We also spoke at length with caucus about changes we are asking to be made to the Department of Education's policies, guidelines, rules and regulations regarding transportation of children to extra-curricular activities.

The "Van Angels" law we are asking for is not impossible. We know that if the government has the political will to make changes to the Coroners Act and to the Education Act that it can happen.

We are asking for the Conservatives and the Liberals to work together to make positive change that will result in improved safety for the children of New Brunswick who participate in extra-curricular sports.

As of this date, we still have not heard from the Liberals about our request to make a presentation to the Caucus. More on this later.

Meantime, we're planning to contact the Ombudsman, Bernard Richard and the Union leadership that is responsible for bus drivers.