Sunday, January 17, 2010

Province Down to One Expert: Michelin Tires Clarifies Position, Goodyear "Opinion" from Retired Employee. That Leaves David Hoar of Motion Design

Michelin TiresWe question the government's insistence that it has three experts who agree that mixed tires are best on 21 passenger Multi-Function Activity Vehicles (MFAVs). We think the media and the public should be aware that since Michelin Tire has clarified its position on winter tires (see below) - and we've found out that the other "expert" is actually a retired Goodyear employee - the NB Departments of Education and Transportation are down to one "expert": a Fredericton based engineer with Motion Design Assoc. who is paid by the province for his opinion.

(Speaking of which, we've been trying to find out how much he was paid for his opinion and made a Right to Information request on January 5 to that effect. No response yet. Click here to read our posting on that issue.)

In a statement released Friday to veteran automotive journalist John Mahler, Transport Canada and the Rubber Tire Association of Canada, Michelin clarified its position on winter tire use as related to the MFAV questions we have raised since finding out that Bathurst High School's 21 passenger MFAV had mixed tires, four winter tires on the back and two all seasons in the front.

The safety conscious tire company reiterated the message of winter tires on all axles including dual rear wheel vehicles. On "vehicles with 6 tire positions, Michelin recommends to use winter tires in all positions to provide the optimum balance of performance and overall vehicle stability."

Motion Design Assoc."So New Brunswick's Ministry of Education is down to only two sources who endorse their tire choices, a local consultant, David Hoar and a letter written by a retired Goodyear engineer compared to 14 experts who oppose their choice," says journalist John Mahler of the Toronto Star's

Click here to read the official clarification of its winter tire opinion by Michelin Tires.