Thursday, February 18, 2010

Right to Information Request, Correspondence Between Transport Canada and the Province of NB

In January, we made a Right to Information request to the Departments of Education and Transportation to see what kind of correspondence had been going on between Transport Canada and the province of New Brunswick.

Click here to see our original posting on this issue, dated January 14, 2010.

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Click on image below to view a slideshow of the entire 35 pages of correspondence between Transport Canada, and the New Brunswick Departments of Education and Transportation.

Transport Canada Province Of New Brunswick Right To Information Request

We believed that Transport Canada told New Brunswick's Minister of Education, Rolande Hache, and the Minister of Transportation, Denis Landry, that the use of mixed tires on the 21 passenger MFAVs was unsafe and we wanted proof that the provincial government knew about it.

Since we discovered back in October 2009 that the Bathurst High School 21 passenger MFAV was equipped with mixed tires, we knew that Transport Canada was advising the Province of New Brunswick that mixed tires were not acceptable on these vehicles.

Nigel Mortimer of Transport Canada had gone out of his way to advise the province of NB that mixed tires were not suitable for this vehicle. But the province refused to budge, relying instead on the so called "expert opinion" of a Fredericton basec consulting engineer named David Hoar with Motion Design Associates who was adamant that mixed tires were perfectly acceptable, offering no scientific evidence or accountability for his recommendation to the province of NB.

Well, we were right. AGAIN. Transport Canada did indeed advise against the use of mixed tires and the province of New Brunswick looks pretty darn stupid for refusing to accept the expert opinion of Canada's top tire experts, risking the lives of students who are being transported to extra-curricular activities in 21 passenger MFAVs using tires that have never been scientifically tested by anyone - until next week when we go to Continental Tires state of the art testing facility in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan where scientific tests will be conducted for the first time on the tires of these 21 passenger MFAVs.