Thursday, November 25, 2010

So have they learned anything? Apparently NOT!! CBC Reports that N.B. school's buses halted in N.S. over worn tires.

CBC logoTwo chartered buses carrying 60 New Brunswick school children were pulled over in Nova Scotia on Wednesday because the tires did not meet provincial standards.

The students from Marshview Middle School in Sackville were being taken to Nova Scotia in buses owned by a private company.

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The field trip hit delays when one of the buses was pulled over in Halifax at the Maritime Museum. Hours later, the second chartered bus was pulled off the road in Enfield.

Karen Branscombe, the School District 2 superintendent, said students had a two-hour delay in Halifax when a bus driver was told that two of the tires did not meet Nova Scotia's regulations for winter tires.

"Apparently they do meet the New Brunswick standard but not in Nova Scotia," Branscombe said in an interview.

The second bus was stopped at an Irving Big Stop store in Enfield, where it took four hours to change those tires.

Branscombe said the students were on a field trip to the Maritime Museum and Pier 21.

She said the coaches were chartered from a private company in Sackville.

While it is up to the charter company to know the rules of the different jurisdictions they travel in, the superintendent said the school district will also ask whether bus companies are aware of the different rules in Nova Scotia.

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