Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why Winter Tires are the ONLY TIRES to use in Winter in Canada

Last February we travelled to Continental Tires testing facility in Michigan to observe scientific tests of winter tires versus all season tires on Multi Function Activity Buses. In this video, you can see the superior performance on buses using winter tires.

To anyone familiar with the tire industry this is a no-brainer, but here we go again, this morning news that two chartered buses carrying 60 New Brunswick children was pulled off the road in Nova Scotia for not having the proper winter tires. So the province of New Brunswick is going CHEAP on extra curricular activities for children and we know what happens when you go cheap. Children get killed.

Will the new Minister of Education, Jody Carr, put a stop to this dangerous practice once and for all and truly make child transportation safety a priority, like it says in all its pronouncements to the media?