Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thank you for sharing that night with me. My son told me that morning when I dropped him off at school. I was telling him about the storm alert and that it was going to start late in the day. He said dont worry mom if the weather is bad we will stay in Moncton. They have funds to stay in Moncton. I paid money for Daniel to play Basketball and Daniel raised money going to a Kinsmen Bingo. I ask myself why. they didnt stay. My son was told to get in the van. he was underage. Now I want to fight for changes so that everyone follows the same rule. a weather law to protect our childrens safety. A game is a game. I am sure once a law "A Vanangels law" its like any other it will all fit into place. Thank you for your support.

You are very welcome Isabelle. I hope to see "The Vanangels Law" become law and hold all persons accountable to that law with no exceptions. I know your son is so proud of you right now. I've witnessed more than the one instance I told you about and questioned more often than not. I have at times not allowed my children to go or my husband or I would take them ourselves. The not knowing has always bothered me. I am going to contact my MLA in York with this also, he sits in the opposition but a strong force on that side may help as well.