Saturday, January 24, 2009


Dear Isabelle and Ana,

From a fellow sports mom and assitant basketball coach I fully support your call for an inquest. Both my children (21 & 18) played basketball and travelled in horrible storm conditions. My daughter and I were actually on the road travelling from Hartland that treacherous night (along with your Bathurst girls team) My daughter, a senior begged our head coach to stay in Woodstock that night. We travelled home. There were cars off the road and it was freezing rain at the time. I think of all the times I put my children on that mini bus or van and questioned the weather. I am ashamed of myself for not taking a stand then and protesting the validity of , is it worth it? No, of course it isn't and wasn't. My heart goes out to each and everyone one of you affected by this tradgey. Your children will never be forgotten especially by the sports families all over.